Cyber Risk Solutions



The evolving cyber landscape

Cyber risk has been increasing in recent years as entities embrace digitalization — further catalyzed by COVID-19 and the abrupt transition to digital life. Nearly every exchange of information comes with some level of cyber risk.

Breaches can lead to devastating financial consequences for an organization and its stakeholders. With the potential to significantly impact revenue, regulatory compliance, customer relationships, and employee privacy, cybersecurity practices are no longer an IT initiative — they are a business priority.


Cyber Risk Assessment

The Cyber Risk Assessment provides:

  • Insights into the most pressing cyber risks with the highest potential financial impact, to help your leadership to prioritize the initiatives with the highest ROI.

  • Gain an understanding of the potential risk categories and factors, delivered via 8 risk related categories plus 40 sub-factors.

  • Provide insights into potential financial loss scenarios based on a company’s cyber risk exposure.

  • Benchmark against industry peers on combined cyber and cyber-related financial risk basis.

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